We are proud to announce “SOULS” from the cousin of Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier, Johnnie Poitier Baker Jr.   Johnnie is a film director from Philadelphia and owner of Platinum Kiss Enterprises and Baker Film Inc., who also wrote and directed SOULS. He states that he had a lot of inspiration while writing SOULS and that his staff was an immeasurable source of support and input.
Souls is a rivalry film, with 2 strong characters. Good versus Evil. Micah a man born from angels, versus Abaddon a demon from the abyss. Micah is a psychologist suggesting possible healing cures to multiple clients with problems. While Abaddon is in his world trying to find a way to be released on earth.
Chamar Tooles from Netflix plays Micah and Nacone Martin from POWER plays Angela. Along with upcoming actors Simone JANAI Parrish, Khaila Monet, Quentin Letson, and Bill Fay. This film will open up the many possible ways to cure your problems without giving up your SOUL.
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