Due to COVID-19 production times have been extended.

"We see the light and produce the sunrise."

Live 2021

Native Cinema will be live with the release of Souls July 2nd, 2021. It is an online theatre for indie film enthusiasts and movie lovers worldwide. NDP offers distribution for independent production company’s, indie film makers, film festival finalists, and AWARD winners. 

Native Dawn Productions


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Native Dawn Productions


Atoll’s Edge is a upcoming film written by Mark Renshaw and directed by Michelle Greaves.  The film stars Michelle Marchiano as the main lead, a woman whom finds herself trapped in a world with no mercy, no room for error, and darkness at every turn.

Native Dawn is an independent film and distribution company based in southern New Jersey. It was formed by entrepreneur Michelle Greaves who is a huge movie buff and loves creating events for people to enjoy. Through Michelle Greaves the Native Dawn team has grown to like hearted individuals that strive to produce and distribute these visual art works to all movie audiences.  

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